March 15-Chateau de Viaden (Grande-Duche de Luxembourg

Finally beautiful weather. it started off foggy but by the time we reached Viaden the sun was out and the temperature started to rise. At lunch we were eating and taking in the rays.
This castle was constructed from the 1th to the 14th century. Until the 15th century it was the seat of the influential counts of Viaden who could boast their close connections to the Royal family of France and the German imperial court. In 1820, Under the reign of King William 1 of Holland, the castle was sold piece by piece, and as a result, it fell into a state of ruin. It was a pile of rubble until the Grand Duke of Luxembourg transferred it to State's ownership in 1977. As the students walked through the guided tour they were shown the rooms with the original layout and stonework, along with a great amount of restoration. We were also able to take in breathtaking views from the balconies.
Afterwards we walked to the lower part of this picturesque town and ate lunch.
The Chateau de Vianden- the fog is lifting
Group picture in the fortress
Knight Alex of the polygonal table

Tim eating his pizza like a wrap

Brady plays a duet.

Ms. Amor and Ms. Haenriche lunching in the spring sunshine
The boys ordering pizza's to go

Waiting for the bus with friends
What's this? Is Chloe receiving a proposal

Resting in the castle upper courtyard